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Flag and GavelConvenient Scheduling

Our scheduling team is second to none and can manage your special requests.  You may even schedule online 24 hours a day.  We always call to confirm on the business day prior to the assignment.

Notice Preparation and Subpoena Service

We offer timely and professional notice preparation with certificate of service.  For subpoena service, we take care of the details and coordinate with experienced and reliable professionals with whom we have worked for years to make every effort to get prompt and proper service.

Competitive Rates

All of our transcripts are produced in a uniform, competitive format, and we provide an original and a copy at the same rate as the original, providing you more for less money.  Save even more when you receive your transcript by e-mail alone.

8001 Conser BuildingComplimentary Conference Rooms

We offer complimentary conference rooms at our offices and can easily schedule facilities around the city for your convenience.  Our conference facilities are fully staffed and provide telephones, refreshments, copy and fax machines, and high-speed Internet access. Contact us to reserve a conference room for your next meeting.

Video Coordination

Get a better value with a professional videographer.  Have your pick of Kansas City’s top-rate video service providers without settling for "in-house" videography with little or no courtroom support.  Video-text syncing is also available with every videotaped deposition, allowing instant access to videotaped testimony with the transcript text.  We will coordinate the service for you when you schedule a videotaped deposition.

Realtime or Expedited Transcripts

Whether you require a rough ASCII at day’s end or an expedited final transcript, let us know when scheduling and we can accommodate your request. With a realtime reporter, you can access the testimony while it is being reported using your favorite browser or litigation support package on your notebook computer.  Live text feeds can also be transmitted via the Internet.  Call for a free, on-site demonstration of this technology.

Conference RoomVideo Conference

Reach witnesses around the world from the convenience of our video conference room.  It’s a fast, reliable, lower-cost alternative to travel, saving you time and money.  Our state-of-the-art video conference facility provides broadcast-quality, face-to-face, realtime communications between two or more locations and is perfect for depositions, sworn statements, job interviews, expert consultations, witness preparation, settlement conferences, contract negotiation, and business meetings.  Call for special rates when you schedule a court reporter with us, including substantially discounted local room charges.

Document Imaging with OCR

Upon request, scanned exhibits can be processed with optical character recognition so they are searchable.  Exhibit files can be hyperlinked with the transcript in one convenient PDF Bundle sent via e-mail or on CD.

MidtownMultiple File Formats

We offer transcripts in universal electronic file formats, including the PDF Bundle*, standard PDF, ASCII, Summation ASCII, and Microsoft Word. Just specify your format and we will deliver it to you via e-mail. Time stamping for automated video synchronization or time-limited proceedings is also available upon request.

*The PDF Bundle is the most powerful, universal format available.  A single PDF file includes a full-size transcript, condensed transcript, hyperlinked word index, embeded and hyperlinked exhibit files, and an ASCII file. All major trial presentation software packages support the PDF format. For simplicity, compatibility and flexibility, ask for the PDF Bundle.

Condensed Transcripts

Easy-to-read, condensed transcripts printed four to a page together with keyword indexing of all important words occurring in a transcript.

Transcript Archival

Every transcript reported by our firm is archived at no additional cost.  In the event you require a printed or electronic format of a transcript, even years after the original transcript was produced, simply contact us and request a copy.

Nationwide Case Coverage

We have reporters available for travel anywhere or you may request a referral for out-of-area depositions.

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